Michael and John Longballa formed Longballa Insurance to serve the auto, home, small business, life, health insurance, annuity, and long term care needs of the Twin Cities. We feel fortunate to have the opportunity to share our knowledge of the industry with our community.

Why Longballa Insurance?

Someone Watching Out For You;

In the insurance world things are constantly changing; rates, discounts, coverage options, billing features, you name it. We know that you and your family shouldn’t have to make the time to keep up with all of these changes, and that’s why we are here…to stay on top of things so you can trust that your coverage is current and fairly priced. As agents we add value to your insurance by getting to know you and what's important to you. Not all policies and coverages are the same so it's vital that you have a professional working with you to customize your policies to meet your needs.


After being a captive agent selling products from just one insurer it was obvious that we could better serve our clients by offering policies from more than one company. Offering products from multiple companies allows us to have a strong feel for the market and what options are available to our customers. 

Local agents;

John is located in Roseville while Michael offices in Golden Valley. This structure allows us to be readily available for clients anywhere in the metro area. Having a local agent who understands your community can only help when it comes time to select the policy and company that's right for you. 

Robust product offering;

We work with dozens of auto, home, life, health, long term care and annuity companies allowing us to find the best coverage for you at the right price. 

Clear, simplified language;

We take the time to explain coverage options and features so you know exactly what you are buying. Auto and home insurance is one of the largest household expenses so we know how important it is to understand what you’re paying for. We welcome questions and the opportunity to discuss your situation to ensure your policies accurately reflect your needs.